· RETURNS (goods for money)


o Can I return goods, so cancel the sale?

Yes, a return is possible with us within 14 days of receipt of goods.


o How do I revoke the purchase?

Please check the goods and insurance paid (so that the package can be tracked in case of loss) and then get after a short processing time your money back. IMPORTANT: For uninsured shipping we accept no liability in case of loss


o How would I get my money back?

We will refund the money back to the general way, how you paid (if you paid by bank transfer, you will get the money back so).


o What do I need to pack, settled out of goods?

Please present the package to the completed return form. So we can process your return the fastest. Should not be accompanied by the bill by mistake, then simply tell us your order number on a slip or invoice number and account information. (It is enough if you simply return note ', because you have to tell us no legal impediment to a revocation request. We also look forward to any advice that helps us to improve our products.)


o How do I send the goods back now?


Please note that the return is free for you, if the value of the returned goods exceeds EUR 40.00.


Please click on the link below:



Click here to go to the Return Portal DHL. Please enter your sender information.

You can then print out the return label and attach to the return package to the post office and get or give to the DHL driver.

Our recipient data is already entered.

If that does not even link to the DHL, please call us. We will send you like to see a return sticker separately by email. Please see them from sending such parcels. The costs will be billed to you.

The use of the return sticker for returns with a value of less than EUR 40.00 is costly and will be placed on your repayment of € 5.90 will be deducted.

Already carried goods in short supply, the error was not immediately reported to us or the product was after the return deadline of 14 days returned to us will be returned to the sender. The shipping cost of € 5.90 shall be remitted by the consignor of this product in advance to us.


o What will be refunded to me?

Generally, we will refund the actual purchase price of more goods. In cases that have been brought about by our fault (such as wrong delivery, delivery of short supply, etc.), we will refund the shipping costs associated.

With returns from abroad the customer bears the return postage

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